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Baby you got the keys
So shut up and drive
 This post isn't aimed at anyone, I just came across a post in… 
23rd-Oct-2007 12:39 pm
 This post isn't aimed at anyone, I just came across a post in another journal and decided to add my two cents in on it.

I really don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about people bad mouthing Nascar drivers. I don't care how many charities they donated to last year or who's the one that stays the longest to sign autographs, I basically like my drivers for their TV personality and how they can drive. No matter how many times you meet the driver, you don't "know them" and not everyone is perfect anyways. Their job is to drive races cars, not to spend  half of their day signing things for people. I understand that that comes along with the job, but that's why they have specific times for them to sign. Not everyone likes the same people, and quite frankly it would be really boring if we did. That being said, if I really really don't like a driver chances are that you coming and trying to defend said driver is not going to make me hate him any less. I have reasons not to like him, which I obviously find valid enough and I don't need you to try and null my point. I mean, I don't like a lot of very popular drivers, but I don't go around bashing them to people that clearly do like them because that's just a waste of time. You like Junior, I like Kyle Busch. I probably don't like Junior anymore then you like whoever you hate the most, but it's not to say I'm going to go into your journal and make all the reasons I can think of for you to not like him. He's your driver and there's no sense trying to change that because it's probably just going to cause and endless argument that both sides would have valid reasons in. If you don't like any of the drivers that I like I really have no problem with that. Kyle Busch is a cocky aggressive driver, Kurt has a big mouth, Newman bumps and runs a lot, Vickers took out 2 of the most popular drivers including his own team mate to win. Rant about them all you'd like, I understand, my drivers aren't perfect, and if you don't want to like them then you don't need to. I'd be happy being their only fans. But at the same time, if I say something you don't like please have the decency to realize that it is my journal and I shouldn't have to bite my tongue in it.

So that's all really. I didn't mean to pick on Junior, he was just the first one to come to mind for an example. I'm keeping the post public. If you are on my friends list and want to comment, go for it. If you're not and you stumble upon this then feel free to too.
23rd-Oct-2007 07:28 pm (UTC)
I mean, I'm not exactly the Busch brother's biggest fans, I still have respect for the people who do enjoy them as drivers. I hate when people tell me I shouldn't like a person and then give me a reason which is totally irrelevant to the sport they are involved in. If you want me to dislike a certain person, give me a valid reason. Not some bullshit that includes, "Well, he's too cocky." Well, yeah, you make it that far in a sport and let's see how down-to-earth you keep yourself.


I really enjoy Junior as a driver, but if somebody doesn't like him, I don't care. I move on with my life. People have their likes & dislikes. It's not against the law when somebody disagrees with you.

Anyways, I'll hurry up and cut this short before I get on a rant again... I just really agree with you here. Good post.
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